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Autumn 2021



Jinah Park
Juwon Park
Minji Ban
EDITOR Jinah Park
Juwon Park
Minji Ban
Seungmin Oh
Soyeon Shin
Yeonsu Choi
Yewon Kim
Yujung Jin




Spring 2015


PRESIDENT                   Da Hye Han

VICE-PRESIDENT        Hyun Ju Kim, Young Mee Kim

EDITOR IN CHIEF       Eun Hye Shin

EDITOR                          Ah Lim Suk, Eun Hye Kang, Ji Young Bang



Eun Jee Rhee

Hae Min Lim

Kyu Hee Park

Bo Gyeong Park

Il Yeon Jo

Ji Sun Yoo

Ye Eun Kim

Yoo Sun Chung